75 Hard is a mental toughness and self-discipline program created by Andy Frisella. The program is designed to cultivate discipline, grit, and determination over a period of 75 days.

Here’s a summary of the rules for the 75 Hard Program:

  1. Follow a Diet: This doesn’t mean a specific diet is prescribed; instead, you pick a diet or eating plan that aligns with your goals and stick to it rigorously for 75 days with no cheat meals.
  2. Drink 1 Gallon of Water Every Day: This is roughly 3.8 liters. No alcohol or soda is allowed during the challenge.
  3. Two 45-Minute Workouts: One of these workouts must be outdoors, and they can’t be done consecutively. This means you could do one in the morning and one in the evening, but not back-to-back. The workouts can be of any type as long as they’re 45 minutes each.
  4. Read 10 Pages of a Non-Fiction Entrepreneurial or Self-Help Book Every Day: This is to foster a mindset of continual learning and growth. Note: audiobooks don’t count for this rule.
  5. Take a Progress Picture Daily: This serves as a visual log of your journey and changes. It’s not just about physical transformation but the commitment to daily tasks.
  6. No Alcohol or Cheat Meals for 75 Days: This reiterates the strict commitment to dietary discipline during the challenge.
  7. Complete All These Tasks, Every Day, for 75 Days Straight: If you miss any of the tasks on any day, you start over from Day 1.

The premise behind 75 Hard is that it’s not just a physical transformation challenge (it is a program) ; it’s a mental one. The tasks themselves, while promoting health and discipline, are not necessarily the end goal. The true goal is the cultivation of mental toughness and resilience through consistent daily action, even when things get tough or inconvenient.

Those wanting to embark on the challenge should ensure they consult with healthcare professionals regarding dietary and exercise changes, especially if there are existing health concerns.

The 75 Hard challenge has exploded in popularity due to its intense yet straightforward approach to self-discipline and mental toughness. This rigorous 75-day program promises incredible changes if you can stick to the rules. Here’s an ultimate guide to 75 Hard including the benefits and how to start strong.

Check out the official website and get the book – https://andyfrisella.com/pages/75hard-info

What is 75 Hard?
The concept is simple: follow a set of five rules for 75 days straight, with no exceptions or slip-ups allowed. Here are the 75 Hard rules:

  1. Follow a diet (you pick it) with no cheat meals or alcohol. Stick to healthy, nutritious foods only.
  2. Exercise twice per day for 45 minutes, once outdoors and once indoors. No rest or recovery days allowed.
  3. Drink a gallon of water daily and eliminate all other beverages.
  4. Read 10 pages minimum of a nonfiction book each day. Audiobooks are not allowed.
  5. Take a progress photo every single day in the same pose and attire.

If you fail on any rule or miss a day for any reason, you must start over from day one. No exceptions are allowed in 75 Hard.

Benefits of 75 Hard
Completing the 75 Hard program delivers many powerful benefits:

  • Transformed body composition and fitness level
  • Increased mental toughness and self-discipline
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Greater confidence
  • Heightened sense of accomplishment
  • Built strong positive habits

Above all, successfully finishing 75 Hard proves to yourself that you can overcome obstacles, stick to commitments, and push yourself far beyond your comfort zone. It’s an incredible boost of self-confidence.

How to Start 75 Hard Strong
Here are some top tips to start the 75 Hard challenge strong:

  • Clear your schedule – Make plenty of time for workouts, meal prep, and reading each day. Schedule it.
  • Prep healthy meals – Stock up on healthy foods so you don’t have to think or make decisions when hungry.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle – Make drinking a gallon of water more convenient. Set reminders to stay on track.
  • Find workout programs – Choose programs for your indoor and outdoor workouts so you have a plan.
  • Pick inspiring books – Line up books and topics that motivate you and expand your horizons.
  • Take a before photo – Capture your exact starting point to see your changes clearly.
  • Tell friends and family – Enlist others to support you and cheer you on through the challenge.
  • Focus on one day at a time – Don’t be overwhelmed by 75 days. Just concentrate on winning each day.
  • Check out the official website and get the book – https://andyfrisella.com/pages/75hard-info

The 75 Hard program is not easy. But sticking to it day after day builds true mental toughness and develops lifelong healthy habits. With focus and perseverance, you can complete 75 Hard and reap immense rewards in your body, mind, and spirit.